Super Boothers - The Photo Booth Podcast

Join Ryan and Ismail as they interview industry insiders on the in's and outs, tips, tricks, and strategies of owning and operating a Photo Booth Business.

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    SB EP 72 - Do You Sell Luxury?

    Ryan and Ismail discuss how to tell if your company is really creating a luxurious experience and what goes into creating one.

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    SB EP 71 - Improving your Workflow

    We can always do things better and improving your workflow is just the start, In this epsiode, we discuss tips to having a more efficient systems in place when problems with your clients arise.

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    SB EP 70 - Creating A Better Workspace

    Ryan and Ismail discuss ways to improve your workspace as well as a hack that Ryan does to improve the time it takes to test an event.

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    SB EP 66 - Open or Closed?

    Ismail discuss the topic of closed booths. How beneficial is it in our industry?

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    SB EP 65 - Clientception

    The Super Boothers discuss what to do whenever you have multiple layers of clients at the same event.

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