Super Boothers - The Photo Booth Podcast

Join Ryan and Ismail as they interview industry insiders on the in's and outs, tips, tricks, and strategies of owning and operating a Photo Booth Business.

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    SB EP 95 - Let's go to Vegas

    Ryan and Ismail discuss the upcoming Photo Booth Expo and things to do in Las Vegas

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    SB EP 84 -Pivoting

    Ismail talks to Ryan about the concept of pivoting your business.

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    SB EP 83 - Failure

    Ryan and Ismail discuss examples of failure and how it's not necessarily a bad thing.

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    SB EP 77 - OMG, I'm Losing Bookings

    Ryan discusses how he has lost several pieces of business in the last couple of weeks. Find out what you can do to get out of the rut you're in and get back on track.

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    SB EP 76 - Booking for the Holidays

    Ryan and Ismail discuss tricks and tips for booking holiday events and making sure you set yourself up for next year's bookings.

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    SB EP 75 - Getting Leads Via Instagram

    Have you tried this thing called Instagram? I messed around with it and actually got a lead! Ryan and I discuss using Instagram to grow your business but also, not getting caught up chasing vanity metrics.

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    SB EP 74 - Simplifying Your Services

    Ismail picks Ryan's brain and asks about how best to consolidate the services you offer when you own multiple types of equipment.

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    SB EP 72 - Do You Sell Luxury?

    Ryan and Ismail discuss how to tell if your company is really creating a luxurious experience and what goes into creating one.

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    SB EP 71 - Improving your Workflow

    We can always do things better and improving your workflow is just the start, In this epsiode, we discuss tips to having a more efficient systems in place when problems with your clients arise.

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    SB EP 70 - Creating A Better Workspace

    Ryan and Ismail discuss ways to improve your workspace as well as a hack that Ryan does to improve the time it takes to test an event.

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    SB EP 66 - Open or Closed?

    Ismail discuss the topic of closed booths. How beneficial is it in our industry?

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    SB EP 65 - Clientception

    The Super Boothers discuss what to do whenever you have multiple layers of clients at the same event.

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    SB EP 62 - Two Fabulous Events

    Ryan and Ismail discuss the wonderful world of weddings and two specific events Ryan just did. A conversation with a wedding planner, TV show opportunities, as well as a new show on TLC.

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    SB EP 61 - What To Do When You're Slow

    Things can always be done with your business whenever it's busy or slow. Summer months tend to be slow for Ryan. He discusses with Ismail some things you can do to work on your business when the event season slows down.

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    SP EP 59 - BONUS EPISODE: Google Ads!

    Ryan and Ismail interview Garrett Gillin of 215 Marketing for the long awaited Google Ads E-Course. We discuss everything thats involved with creating campaigns as well as how to navigate through this seemingly impossible platform

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    SB EP 58 - What Attendants Can/Can't Do

    Ryan recaps his event at ILEA New Orleans tells a completely unnecessary story not at all related to photo boothing and then so eloquently segues into the topic at hand...what your attendants can and can't do on the job.

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    The Super Boothers discuss an event Ryan did creating a custom digital prop and the response it created, as well selling being creative to your client, and finally our CREATIVITY CHALLENGE!

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    SB EP 54 - Lower Your Expectations

    Ryan and Ismail discuss the key to customer happiness. Ryan also gives a challenge at the end of today's episode.

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    SP EP 52 - Flamingo in a Flock of Pigeons

    Ryan and Ismail discusses his most recent event, dressing up at an event, dress code, and networking at a corporate event, and how standing out makes you different from everyone else.

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    SB EP 51 - Making Customers Feel Special

    Ryan and Ismail discuss ways to make a customer feel special and think how it makes us feel as consumers to experience great hospitality.

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    SB EP 45 - Drop Off Photo Booths

    Ryan and Ismail discuss the topic of dropping off photo booths. Ryan explains the first time he dropped off a Photo Booth but didn't tell the client until the day of the event.

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    SB EP 44 - Purposefully Turning Away Business

    Ismail brings up the discussion of purposefully turning away business after reading an article about Sprint terminating difficult customers service. Ryan shares similar experiences.

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    SB EP 42 - Hey Mr. DJ! Featuring Zach Thomas

    Zach Thomas joins the Super Boothers to discuss the unique dynamic of operating a DJ company that offers photo booths. We discuss the idea of packaging services such as DJ, Photobooth, and Uplighting and why it's important to have additional revenue streams.

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    Ryan and Ismail go live on stage at BoothCon in Australia and answer questions! They discuss permanent installs, proper verbiage on your website, health and beauty applications, Instagram best practices, and more!

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    SB EP 40 - Book Review: Ultimate Sales Machine

    Ismail recommended his favorite business book Ultimate Sales Machine. Ryan and Ismail discuss their favorite parts of the book and what key pieces of advice resonates the most with them.

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    SB EP 39 - Waking Up In Vegas

    Ryan and Ismail will be in Las Vegas at the Photo Booth Expo! This episode is entirely dedicated to what to see and do while you're attending the conference!

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    SB EP 38 - Becoming Inspired & Creating Better Content

    Join the Super Boothers as they discuss what goes into creating better content for your customers that they want to share. Inspiration can come in many places, here we'll share how to take real life inspiration and how to sell it to your client.

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    SB EP 36 - Hello...It's Me

    The Super Boothers discuss the importance of picking up the phone as well as best practices to handle a phone system if you don't have the resources to pickup the phone yourself.

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    SB EP 34 - Creating the Wow Factor

    The Super Boothers discuss their best experiences with other companies and how to apply customer service best practices and going above and beyond within your own company.

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    SB EP 33 - Show Me The Receipts!

    Ryan and Ismail discuss the missed opportunity of having upsell options in your receipt emails. We also get in depth on what should be in the first email that you send your client after they request information.

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    SB EP 30 - Setting Yourself Apart

    Ismail brings up the topic of setting yourself and your business apart from your competition. Ryan and Ismail discuss how to best differentiate yourself, provide value to your client, and establish yourself as a forward thinking business.

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    SB EP 29 - Netflix Alert: The Founder

    The Super Boothers discuss the movie "The Founder" The true story of how Ray Kroc, a struggling salesman from Illinois, met Mac and Dick McDonald, who were running a burger operation in 1950s Southern California. Kroc was impressed by the brothers' speedy system of making the food and saw franchise potential. Kroc soon maneuvers himself into a position to be able to pull the company from the brothers and create a multi-billion dollar empire.

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    SB EP 28 - Part-time vs. Full-time

    Ismail posted on our Facebook Group if you were a part-time or full-time person and everyone gave us great answers! Ryan and Ismail discuss in today's episode!

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    SB EP 27 - Lessons in Subcontracting Your Events

    Ismail subcontracted his event to another Photo Booth company and the subcontractor didn't show up...find out what happens, and how to avoid subcontracting problems before they happen.

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    SB EP 26 - Photobooth Expo feat. Rob Savickis

    The Super Boothers interview the founder of the Photo Booth Expo! Use Code: SUPERB2018 for a Key Pass Use Code: SUPERB2018E for an exhibits only Pass

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    SB EP 24 - The Key To Longevity

    Today the Super Boothers discuss a large event for 1,700 guests and talk about longevity, early mistakes, overdelivering, and keeping things straight forward and simple.

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    SB EP 23 - Handling Customer Objections

    You have all of your information listed on your website and the customer calls and then during the conversation they have some objections. Closing the sale successfully is contingent upon how you manage answering the objections your client has. "You're too expensive" "Just email me all the info" "I read a bad review of yours online" are all covered in this episode!

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    SB EP 22 - #VegasStrong

    Ismail and Ryan discuss the tragedy in Las Vegas. Ryan was on the Strip when the shooting occurred and shares his story.

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    SB EP 21 - Booking A Celebrity Event

    Ryan has finally done his dream event! He goes in details with the behind the scenes of booking a celebrity event! Ismail and Ryan discuss sales tactics of high profile events, recap of Super Boothers Do Dallas, as well as talk about upcoming events in Hollywood, Sydney, and Vegas!

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    SB EP 12 - Accounting 101 ft. Joe Viola

    Photo Booth Accountant, Joe Viola goes in depth in our discussion with standard topics in the area of accounting. Sales Tax, Payroll, Federal Tax, Deductions, are all topics on the table!

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    SB EP 11 - Q&A: Ways to Book Slow Event Days

    We answer two questions from our listeners about ways to keep your photo booths constantly going out and the pricing website question: to post pricing or to not post pricing!

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    SB EP 08 - Q&A: Microsites Explained

    Ryan and Ismail take three lucky listeners questions! Microsites, what gets us up in the morning, and DIY photo booths.

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    SB EP 07- Generating Revenue with Strippers and Thumbtack

    Ryan booked an event at a strip club, and hilarity ensues. He booked it however through Thumbtack which just started their new ProAssist feature. Ryan and Ismail discuss the pro's and con's of this new feature and how to use it to your advantage without sacrificing your pricing.

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    SB EP 05 - Setting the Expectation ft. Kelly Williams

    Kelly Williams joins us as she discusses her process on creating unique experiences for her brand activations. She also gives insight on running the business while still being able to maintain personal time. Visit Photo Buzz Studios: See the Met Gala Video Booth Activation: See Kelly's Sponsorship Page: Submit your questions at: Follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter: Visit Ismail's software business: GET SUPERBOOTHERS MERCH!

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    SB EP 04 - BONUS EPISODE: Permanent Installations

    Ryan and Ismail respond to the huge response from the permanent Photo Booth installation post on Facebook. Questions on pricing, costs, insurance, and selling points are all covered! View the Blog on this topic: Submit your questions at: Follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter: Visit Ismail's software business: GET SUPERBOOTHERS MERCH!

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    SB EP 03 - DIYer to Manufacturer ft. Thomas Siegel

    Thomas Siegel joins us today telling us how he got started making his photobooths using cardboard. Now, the founder of, he helps newcomers to the business get their first bookings. Visit Photo Booth Startup: USE PROMO CODE 'SUPERBOOTHERS' for $100 off a photobooth! Submit your questions at: Follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter: Visit Ismail's software business: GET SUPERBOOTHERS MERCH!

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    SB EP 02 - Cultivating Customer Loyalty ft. Brian Ginsberg

    Brian Ginsberg joins us today as he discusses his new product line and ways to create customer loyalty. He is a powerhouse in the photo booth supply field, selling practically everything you would need without actually selling the photo booths and printers themselves. Visit Brian's Photo Booth Supply Company: Submit your questions at: Follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter: Visit Ismail's software business: GET SUPERBOOTHERS MERCH!

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    SB EP 01 - Defining Your Target Customer ft. Justin Jowett

    Justin Jowett joins us as he discusses with the Super Boothers how to define and attract your target customer. He provides insight on creating avatars, and other helpful tips to get the customers that are a great fit for you and your business. Read Justin's Blog on the Strip Club Story: Read more about Avatars on Digital Marketer: Visit Photobooth Finder: Visit Photobooth Finder AU: Submit your questions at: Follow Ryan on Instagram and Twitter: Visit Ismail's software business: Thank you to this episodes sponsor: GET SUPERBOOTHERS MERCH!

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